Olio Cafés, Singapore

Olio Cafés…..”Affordable Luxury”

Olio Cafés is a journey of arty and alternative culture, with synthesis of quality service, food and ambience unobtainable elsewhere in terms of it’s value and price. Olio Cafés fills the gap between fine dining and uneventful restaurant/cafe experience.


In essence, it is for those who want that little bit more without paying an arm and a leg for a stiff snobbish meal.


Olio Cafés may hinge on high end restaurant appeal but one is comfortable to walk in alone or with friends just to have drinks or snacks, read magazines, and enjoy music without having to feel neither intimidated nor uncomfortable. Olio Cafés provides soulful respite from pressure of work and home to give a holistic lifestyle that excites its customers through their environment.

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